Blue Flower

Starting your own blog has never been easier. Tools like free website builders and keyword research tools have made it possible to have a niche blog up and running in a few hours. 

Small business idea lists around the web have shown an increase in web based businesses. It's not hard to see why these kind of careers would be trending right now. Who likes reporting to a boss and sitting in a cubicle all day? Not me, and not most people out there. 

Not convinced that digital is the way to go with a small business? Here are some quotes and testimonials from individuals that have seen success with their internet based businesses.

I flushed my job July 31st & have been growing my business since. There have been many ups & downs, great wins as well as frustrations with indecisive business owners, not willing to commit (& you wonder why they don't succeed).

At the end of the day, we can ONLY control two things: our attitude & our actions.

Our attitude should be based on the confidence of what we have our hands on (the system, the support team, the PROVEN results we see daily from other students succeeding). We should approach EVERY day with confidence that we have a small business skill set that surpasses 95% of the self-proclaimed gurus. But we MUST apply what we know.

I have being in IM environment for some time, but not quite hit the success i wanted to partly due to shiny objects, and not focusing on one thing at a time and there is too much information out there. And now i am in control, i have done many small business ideas, eg Clickbank, teespring, affiliate marketing promo on FB, seo and Adwords, Have been part of MML not sure if you guys know it, Success University back in 2010 with Matt Morris who is now with World Ventures ( i am not in any mlm now)..etc.some of you guys may relate to this. 

I made it through the first few weeks but after my headache I didn't feel I grasped it well. So I went back and started over taking notes because that's the style I learn. It's my fault, my responsibly I didn't grasp it well. It is my determination that will make me win. I have lived and breathed this motto of self reflection my whole career because I learned early that people that blame others for their life and circumstances are not teachable. Because if what they are doing is right, why change?

And if you don't change then you can't grow and learn. It has brought me success in many areas of my life. It has helped me to say " I can" when others have said "I can't". It has helped me succeed over many personal physical struggles. Because remember it's not the headaches fault I didn't grasp it--it's my fault. Back to square one. 

Grant Cardone talks about success creating new problems in one of his books. I've had my share the past couple of weeks. I'll take that as a good sign. But I did have a nice conversation with a client.

They are excited about what we're doing for them. And we've only been at it for a couple of months. He specifically mentioned that last week they landed two separate $100k deals from me. He said he was afraid to tell me b/c I would raise his rates. Lol. Very happy I help my clients win. He said it's his new mission to send me referrals. That's a nice payment.


Not hard to see the success stories with people that are willing to go outside their comfort zones and try something new. Check out the site today and see how you can get started with a small business idea.